Hi! I'm Antoinette

Creator and founder of Sparkling Mom

I am a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, natural cooking mom who will also use regular diapers, and sometimes will pick up Wendy's nuggets so my picky daughter will eat dinner. I exclusively breastfeed my daughter for 2 years and now pumping every day & use formula to supplement my sons dietary needs.  I delivered my son naturally in a birthing pool in our apartment by ourselves with only my husband and I (the midwife was her way). On the flip-side, I delivered my daughter via C-Section in the hospital. 

    A sparkling mom is a person who deeply loves their children. There are so many high expectations we put on ourselves that when these expectations are not met, we think we are not good parents. While in fact, if there is a night you need to pick up fast food just do it! Your kids would enjoy a happy stress free mom playing with them after dinner as opposed to a mom who is too tired from cooking. What does it take to be a sparkling mom? It takes a person who is willing to make mistakes while trying their best.


Be You -Love - Keep Shining


Tell me how you Shine!

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