Academic Theoretical Approach

         Many people ask me if do a “homeschool” program with my kids. The answer is "Yes"and "No". "Yes" currently my children are homeschooled and we do lots of education enrichment. But No when Mariah was in Daycare we still did these activities including a schedule*. only difference her activities are condensed to the evening as opposed to being spread out through the day.

         When it comes to school, I view school a time to teach children how to interact with each other and social skills development.  I learned this concept in studding how parents  in parts of China treat school. I  depend on home teaching to educate my children. If they learn at daycare or school, thats a bonus. Do not depend on teachers to wholly educate your child. It is my job as a parent to learn my children academic strengths and weaknesses, develop educational activities they will be interested in and build their weaknesses into strengths.

*a routine is better then a schedule

         I do not force them to learn different things. Our household we implement the Montessori method as much as possible. From room design to activities I create. 

I combine all three. 


Use your imagination. Education materials should not break the bank. Purchase things that will be reused or created into something differently. I search google, youtube, and Pinterst for ideas.


Other methods I use are:


China's Academic View Point

The Bradly Bunch* the smart kids